Milkshake IPA – 4.6% ABV


The whole sound of the milkshake ipa and the way you described the mouthful and creamier texture, it sounds quite nice and pleasant. Its a shame you didn’t like it. Hopefully you find one that you like.

Yes when I saw the tasting notes I was like I’m onto a winner here, but as soon as I tasted the beer I was like noooo, where’s that gorgeous flavour, it was just really sour! I was so disappointed.

This does sound like it should be an amazing drink – it’s a shame it wasn’t quite to your tastes, but this beer could be perfect for someone else. It’s all down to personal taste after all, and this honest review is great as it explains the flavours and what might be expected. It might not be your cup of tea, but it certainly sounds intriguing 😀

It was a shame that it wasn’t the greatest, you love some and you dislike some, that’s beer of course. Your palate will only match certain flavours in beer, on this occasion my palate didn’t enjoy this beer. It was really refreshing though I will admit!

True, some beers can’t have it. Thank you for your honest review. It’s disappointed that it has a good smell but tastes bad.

It happens, you never know though in the future I might re-visit it once again 😁

I found myself licking my chops at “juicy and creamy mouthfeel texture”. Alas you were disappointed. I like the honest review. Hope you find the good ones soon. Cheers!

It was a shame on this occasion, you never know though in the future, I might give it another bash!

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