The BenRiach 10 Years – Curiositas

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Interesting that the color is so light. I supposed I equated deeper colors with richer flavor? I’m a newbie though. Thanks for the fun review.

Thank you for your comments, it is quite intriguing why the colour is lighter due to how much flavour there is. In all
Honesty though it was a splendid whisky to try 😁🥃

It’s so interesting it has a fruity taste but peppery after taste! Yum. It’s cool that historically there was a train connecting both sites — it sounds like all that effort was worth it!

Just makes a whisky so much more flavourable when there is sweet and savoury flavours! I found it pretty awesome as well, it’s great when you find small historic facts like that 🙂

Another great review. I’m not a whisky fan usually but I like that there’s a blended taste of honey and orange.

Thank you, majority of whiskies always have a luxurious scent of honey, it’s what makes them so special and sweet 🙂

I’m more into smoothies or normal drinks but I used to get beers and it’s good to have a blended taste. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for your comment, It’s completely amazing how many different flavours you can find in beers and whiskies.

A good whisky is always worth its weight in gold (literally, given the color of this drink!)

I love the great depth of passion and dedication the distillery put into the creation of this; constantly expanding and experimenting is a wonderful way to grow and the flavors you bring to life in your writing are a small tribute to the success they achieved.

Thank you for sharing!

A powerful gold colour delivers a successful drink! The team at BenRiach are ultimately passionate delivering the most outstanding ranges of whiskies on the market. Flavour is the passion of the drink!

I liked the way that you have not just only described the flavor, but the process, and the history of the whisky making as well. I am glad that you enjoyed your whisky!🍷🍷

Thank you, yes it was a wonderful drink! I really enjoyed it so much 🙂

This sounds really good and something I’d consider trying. Not the biggest whiskey fan but it’s good to get out of my comfort zone once in a while

It was absolutely beautiful, so fruity and delicious, I really enjoyed it 🙂

I love fruity drinks that aren’t overpowered by the alcohol in it. 😋

This sounds very good and something I’d like to try!

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