My Favourite Top 10 Pubs near Burton Upon Trent


A fantastic choice! I’ve been to most of those but still need to get to the Waterloo in Winshill.
When you put them down in a list it’s ridiculous how many good pubs there are in Burton….
I’m going to throw in The Elms as well for good measure 🔺

Yes there are some cracking pubs that we’ve got in Burton, but I couldn’t resist throwing two pubs in which are further a field!

Good shout 👍 I might send you a couple of suggestions…The Swan in Milton is well worth a visit and the horseshoes or three tuns in Fazeley

Great post! Thank you for sharing! These pubs sound very nice!

Thank you so much, I really enjoyed writing this post to be fair 😁

Lovely to see such a range of pubs on offer, they all look great. One of my friends has just moved near the area (I think!) so will have to check some of them out when I visit!

Awww brilliant, yes you should come here and visit some of the one’s that I’ve listed, they’re awesome 😁

What a fantastic list! Sitting in the midst of an historic pub with a cold brew sounds perfect anytime but especially these days. Cheers!

Cheers Mark, there are some fantastic pubs around the UK and we have appreciate them all 😁

The Weighbridge Inn looks like such a cute little pub! This is a fab post for anyone visiting nearby and needs some recommendations!

Thank you, I have to admit all of these pubs I’ve been to and I can’t fault them one bit 😁

I haven’t been to a single one, not that I can remember anyway. But most of the time I spent in and around Burton I was just a youngster.

Have to get back out to Burton again mate and venture into all of these 😁

I’ve not been to a single one, not that I can remember anyway, though I’ve not really been back to Burton much since I was a kid. A couple of Albion games and that’s about it.

Commented 😃

These all sounds great and I love the eclectic buildings they’re in!! They’re so different than what I would expect here in the US. Definitely pinning for future reference when we can travel again!

Get yourself over to the UK and have a fantastic pint in any of these pubs I’ve listed 😁

Oooh there are some amazing pubs here! I wish I lived closer to them!

Love, Amie ❤
The Curvaceous Vegan

They are all tremendous, thank you for commenting 😁

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