The Dragon


Sounds like a great pub and the food sounds amazing! I’m really craving a pub meal after reading this…

It’s a beautiful place and why would you not want to sit next to the canal on a glorious sunny day 😁 I could do with one of Dragon Platters again haha

Great post. I agree with your opinion on how fast this year is going. It’s already July!

Oh wow what an incredible location for a pub! I can’t think of anything more fabulous than sitting with a lovely drink right by the canal, dreamy!! x

It is one of the many things that I love about this pub 😁

This sounds like a great place to enjoy when you’re looking for that fun little date afternoon. If we’re ever in that area, I’ll have to make sure to check it out. It sounds like the kind of location that my husband and I would both love!

It’s beautiful and with it being located right next to the canal, just makes this pub even more amazing 😁

THis sounds like a wonderful pub experience – I love places like this!

We both really enjoyed it, the quality of the food and service was exceptional 😁

The Dragon Platter sounds amazing! I love platters and things like that for dinner and I love picking at different things. That looks so perfect next to the canal – I’d love to visit here!

It’s a beautiful platter, just be prepared to wait a while for dessert 😂 it is manageable, you’ve just got to take your time with it!

This sounds like an amazing place to go, especially with the view!

Love, Amie ❤
The Curvaceous Vegan

It’s absolutely beautiful, and the food is fantastic 😁 I really enjoyed it 😁

Been here, and the Green Man, many years ago now though. Wilmington’s a good place to visit with the marina as well.

I’ve been here, and the green man, both when I was a kid though, so no beer tasting 😂 Willington is a nice place to visit with the marina as well.

It’s a beautiful village, and it’s lucky enough that there are 3 other pubs in the same area as well as the marina, it’s a perfect day to spend out! A short distance away of course is the Cherry Tree, to busy there though, that’s why I prefer the dragon! 😁

We go to the cherry tree quite a bit, as my partner likes it, and my daughter like the play bit. Can be really busy though.

Great post! Thank you for sharing! I love the outdoor area that it was set up! It looks so nice! The food sounds really good too!

It’s set in a beautiful area, right next to the Canal at Willington. Plenty of glorious walks you can go on as well 😁

Thanks for sharing your review, it sounds like a lovely place 🙂

Nic | Nic’s Adventures & Bakes

You would love it, not just the food and drink, but the location is absolutely stunning 😁

This place sounds absolutely fantastic! It looks so nice, and sounds like a wonderfully unique blend of the old and the new. But that food…wow, it just sounds incredible! Black pudding scotch egg??? I want to eat that so badly. Whenever Americans are allowed out of the country again (which shouldn’t be any time soon since we’ve been so irresponsible about COVID, sigh), I will definitely make my way to this pub!

Get yourself a trip over to the UK and come an enjoy it, it’s gorgeous and you will be greeted by some amazing scenery as well 😁

The review is great! Sounds like a great place 😀

It really was, we both enjoy coming to The Dragon, once it’s safe we will be coming back. Just got to wait for abit though.

This place looks amazing! I love that there is seating outside near a canal with colorful boats.
Your description of the cauliflower made my mouth water; I love mine nice and cheesy too, and thin, juicy meats are one of the best things I can eat!

The Dragon is absolutely beautiful, I really miss coming here, I am hoping once it’s safe I can return, I really can’t wait to try the Dragon Platter again!

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