Table Beer (3.1% ABV)


Love the Castle Rock mug! It’s so interesting that the label on the beer is pretty plain and that’s what they use for all their beers, rather than something brighter or more eye-catching. I like the shortness of the label but it’s an interesting marketing technique to say the least lol. 3.1% is pretty low for me and I’d be curious to see your take on one of their beers with a higher percentage!

That was the only thing that key it down, the abv of the beer, I was like this isn’t strong enough 😂it wasn’t a bad beer, just not my favourite 🍻

I like this brewery! I look forward to your reviews of the other beers!

Thank you, more content coming soon 😁

I love that you always include the pictures in your blog posts and it’s nice that you’re honest in your reviews. Sorry that this one was disappointing. Thanks for sharing!

It could have been better, but there are beers out there which are good and some not so brilliant!

The Kernel do a good range, including some much stronger beers. They’re always pretty good, but expensive. I agree about the strength on this one though.

I’ve never tried any of there other range, I would like to but I need a beer with some strength, this beer didn’t have that!

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