Neck Oil Session IPA (4.3% ABV) – Pale Ale Review

neck oil glass

The can looks like nothing I have seen before! Great post x

Very much artistic skills have been involved, great beer though!

This beer sounds perfect for summer!! (or anytime!)

It’s a beautiful summer beer, goes well with a bbq 😁

This looks delicious, and I’m loving the can art. Got to try and pick some up when I go shopping!

It is a beautiful drink and the can art is very fancy, luckily the my local shop stocks it 😁

I will be trying this!

It’s worth a shot, it’s beautiful

I really like Beaverton and actually bought a few cans of this at the weekend. I completely agree with your verdict here!

This is the beer I’ve ever sampled from there and I must say from the review, I thoroughly enjoyed it 😁

This sounds interesting, sounds like a light summer beer! Thank you for sharing your review

I really love it, it’s very sweet and fruity for summer

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