The Green Man – Country Pub Review


Love a pub with a good history and great walks nearby. The Green Man sounds great, really making me nostalgic for the good old days when we could actually visit pubs! Hopefully we can return and check some new pubs out soon – thanks for sharing!

Yes I totally agree, I am really hoping when it’s safe we can all return to the pubs, missing a good pint of beer of the handpumps 😔

Another fantastic looking pub….for some reason I’m feeling thirsty 😂

Luckily I’ve stocked up well at home but I am halfway through it now.

This sounds like another lovely experience! I love the name Green Man, and connected with what you said: there is nothing better then a rustic, country-style pub!

Yep the name is very appealing, I really enjoyed the pub so much it brought a fantastic feel!

I love old pub. It just make me wanna drink again. And create history with it. Thank you for sharing.


Hopefully it won’t be to long until they reopen again 🙂

This sounds incredibly cozy and I love the historic nature of this place!

It’s a fantastic pub I really love it here, I can’t wait to come back 😁

I am a sucker for a roaring fire! Looks like a fantastic spot. I’m raising a glass that you can get back soon.

Hoping it won’t be to long and then I can get back to this enjoyable little country pub 😁

This looks like a lovely and cosy pub! So amazed that places like this still exist! There’s one near where I live, I love going it just has amazing character and food

That’s certainly what makes pubs so special 😁 the character of the pub is always the important factor 🍻

I lived in stone in the nineties for three years and recall this place!!! Very good 👍 is the brushmakers still going in oulton?

I love the green man, me and my partner always go here and yes the Brushmakers is still going, just temporary closed at the minute.

A proper ‘neck end’ boozer!!!

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