Summerton Whisky Festival – Virtual


I hope there will be a day in my life when that amount of whiskey is delivered to my door! 😂 seems like a great festival to take part in.

It was a fantastic festival, loads of different samples to try 😁🥃

This sounds (a little weird and) like a blast! You made me want to see if there are any similar virtual events near me. Actually, they don’t even need to be “near” me, though international might have difficulties.

They are quite clever to be fair, I really enjoyed the event 😁

This is such a ingenuitive idea! It’s so cool to have the whisky shipped to your door and take part of a virtual tasting! I know of lots of beer festivals that have had to be cancelled/postponed and I feel like this idea is really worth considering

It is, I think it’s worth doing virtual beer festivals, I know it will be strange, but least you can still enjoy some fantastic beer.

I too took part in the Summerton festival, and there were indeed some corking whiskies, some others didn’t quite match up. However for me the Glen Scotia was my tastiest dram of the day and thankfully I managed to get one from here , in readiness for their upcoming festival, take a look…..

It was a fantastic festival, I’ll check this page out now, thanks 🥃

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