Oban 2019 Distillers Edition – 14 Years

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Wow, lovely post 🙂 I’m not a huge fan of whisky- but my boyfriend loves it, so I’m sure this would be his kind of thing! This sounds really interesting, thank you for sharing (and gorgeous images) x

I never thought I would like whisky, but it’s crazy how your palate changes, it’s absolutely beautiful and so sweet, but there are some spicy whiskies.

Yay, another whisky post! 🙂 Thanks, Luke.

Some of the very peaty/smoky whiskies don’t suit my taste buds at all. In your view, is the Oban very peaty or is it relatively mild?

I’m very glad your liking the whisky posts Richie, I would highly consider the Oban is more of a sherried whisky, this is primarily down to being double matured In ex-bodega Sherry casks, however, I would say this whisky does have that sweetness and fruitiness combined.

Love the caramel colour of this whiskey. Gives it that intense look.

Wow this was an informative article! I didn’t have any idea about this distillery but I loved reading about it. Thanks 😊👍

Thank you, it was an interesting drink to sample 😁

Sounds like another great discovery. Interesting as always to read about the background of the distillery. And the tasting notes of course. Cheers!

Cheers Mark, I’m just incredibly lucky to be able to have and owe some tremendous whiskies! 😁

Anything that’s done with passion is going to reflect in the experience — and this sounds like the distillers have managed to make something really good here. I’d love to try it!

A good, warming drink is perfect for the colder months, especially if you have just come in from a freezing walk! I like drinks that are a little sweeter than usual and the orange flavor sounds like it compliments the smoky taste beautifully.

Thank you for sharing this, along with some history on the distillery. If we wait long enough, eventually the right person takes up the reins. 🙂

A lot of people do actually think whisky is warming and the reason is being, it’s the flavour, the warming smoky flavours lead to a sweet whisky. I’m looking forward to trying my next whisky 😁🥃

I always find that the opportunity to visit a distillery leads to the discovery of something new that I love. Plus, there’s nothing that my husband and I enjoy more than learning the history behind the different breweries and distilleries that we visit. This is one that I hadn’t heard of (we are in Canada), so I was LOVING reading through everything that you shared here!

Well when it’s safe, I would highly recommend you to come and visit the UK, the amount of distilleries and breweries we have on offer are amazing 😁

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