Slater’s Ales Brewery


Wow! I can’t believe how many varieties are offered! Thanks for sharing!

They do have a fantastic range of beers 😁

So when can we expect another Slaters brewery?

The New Zealand pale ale sounds good 😊

When can we expect the next slaters brewery?

That New Zealand pale ale sounds nice

Who knows mate, in ten years time I would like to have my own microbrewery, I’ll make it happen 🍻

I could definitely see us sitting out on their patio for a long time. We love to find local places and sit around enjoying all they have to offer. Hopefully, we make it there someday.

It’s a cracking brewery, I love it to pieces 😊

Wow, this brewery makes so many beers! I love pale ales in the summer. I wish I could go on a tour! Oh…in the U.S., it’s ThirstyThursday. I’m not opposed to switching it up, though! HA!

It’s a fantastic place, to be fair I call it thirsty Tuesday and thirsty Thursday 😂

Such an interesting read. I love reading about breweries. As a young teen I remember looking down into one of those barrels and it seemed like a never-ending abyss.
Thank for sharing.

Thank you for your kind words, it’s a hobby that I’ve turned into a passionate interest 😁

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