Salty Kiss 4.1% ABV


Love the can! I’m sorry you can’t get to Spain, but hopefully you will soon. Thanks for the interesting review.


Thank you Sue, yes it’s a shame but can’t really do much about it, it is a very interesting can to be fair.

This totally sounds like a beer I would drink often! I love sour beers in general and I’ve really been loving gose’s recently. They seem to be a nice balance of fruity and sour without being TOO sour or overpowering. Also that taproom looks so nice and I wish I could go out and drink a beer safely right now lol

Sour beers are okay, they aren’t my personal best, this one was okay, I do sometimes think on occasions the flavour can be destroyed, but that’s just an opinion!

I have never had a sour beer before, but I love the sounds of Salty Kiss! I especially love that the sourness is not one big kick but sounds like more of a constant subtle flavor.
Thanks so much for sharing!

Thank You Jaya, yes it’s not a bad beer, it’s not the best but I’ll approve it haha

Interesting name 😳 love the can design, sounds an interesting flavour, not sure if I’d like it or not.

Sour beers are okay, but they are not the best, that’s my personal opinion!

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