Sparks Fly Up 6.0% ABV

sparks fly up 4

Happy belated birthday and glad you enjoyed this beer. I must admit, I didn’t fancy the look of it, but it sounds like the taste was great.

Cheers, yeah I mean I know it is a hazy beer and there was a lot of sediment inside, but still it tasted absolutely beautiful. Probably wouldn’t try it again now for a while. 🍻

Sounds like a very interesting beer. I must say that I have opened up to more non traditional beers like this since the pandemic began. Variety is the spice of life as they say. Happy Birthday!

It was one of the kind, something that is really unexpected. I mean these are beers that I’ve never heard off before. But it’s good to try new stuff! That’s what being The Cask Connoisseur is all about 😂😁

Absolutely, cheers!

This is awesome/ I hope you had a wonderful Birthday. You are going to be a beers expert with these reviews 🙂

It’s a slow road, still got a lot more variety of beers and whiskies to sample in the future. Just got to wait for the pubs to reopen. 🙂

What a wonderful birthday gift! Sounds really nice.

It certainly was 😁

Cheers! Craft beer is a big hit in our house, we’re always trying something new. I love beers that have citrus notes to them. Yesterday, I had the chance to dig into a new sour from a local brewery. It was a strawberry rhubarb sour, a really interesting (and delicious) combination for a beer! I have always been a strawberry rhubarb pie lover but never considered having it in beer form lol

It’s crazy to think how many flavours there is out in the world that actually go into the process of brewing beer, you could think of anything, and it makes the beer taste delicious. Chocolate stouts are my particular favourite.

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