Tribute 4.2% ABV


This is such an in-depth review and wow I’ve learnt so much about this ale! I’ve had a tribute before and genuinely enjoyed it x

Thank you for your comments, it is a remarkable ale I completely agree and I’m so glad you enjoyed it 😁

Hi Luke. Thank you for the ale write-up and the background history of the brewery. I’ll certainly look out for this the next time that I go shopping. I have to confess, though, I’m far more interested in your comment about a forthcoming post on your virtual whisky sampling event – I love a good single malt so I’ll keep an eye open for this!

Hi Richie, thank you for your comment, I would seriously recommend you buying this beer, Yes I am extremely excited to deliver the whisky post, this will be coming soon next week! Stay Tuned

I live in a state known for having so many award-winning breweries that it draws in a lot of tourism. It sounds like you have a pretty great beer scene in the UK too. Hoping to check out your suggestions someday soon.

I am quite fortunate to live in the brewing capital which is Burton Upon Trent, our main contender is Molson Coors which is familiar with the states, but the UK is also made up of many other local breweries.

This was such a fun read! The Tribute really sounds tasty and I love it in the Yule glass! Can’t wait to hear about the whiskey tasting event – I love hearing how social events are moving to being virtual!

Yule love this beer, like I did 😁 So sweet and moreish, all will be revealed next week. Just started writing about it 😁

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