Broken Dream 6.5% ABV

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Hi Luke. I’m not a big fan of stout, but I enjoy your write-ups and find them to be quite educational! And this one is a prime example. “The first thing you are wondering is what’s a Breakfast Stout!” – exactly! I had visions of people waking up and shortly afterwards tucking into a pint of stout 🙂 Thank you for enlightening me. Anyway, I’m off for a glass of 12-year-old Glenmorangie …

I’m so glad you really enjoyed this post, I still have to say this beer is amazing. I appreciate your kind and honest words, it won’t be long until the whisky festival review will be going live. Keep your eyes peeled. 😁

WOW, that one is dark. I wish I could try it! Thanks so much for your review.

It’s very dark but also very rich and moreish, I sadly only had 1 can which was a shame.

Since this is born of another man’s passion to create his dream drink, I find the name Broken Dream interesting! I love that the coffee and chocolate has a strong presence in this beer and that the taste is long-lasting.

And the fact that the beers have a story behind them just makes you want to try them more, yes this was a really good beer to sample, one of the best! 🙂

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