My Top 5 Session Beers To Enjoy All Year Round


Hi Luke.

How’s it going?

I do enjoy reading your posts – always part product review and part history lesson. Keep up the good work! Some more drinks to add to the ‘must find’ list 🙂

Hi Richie, it’s going well, just busy with work 😁 yes please do add these beers to your list 😁

I tried Elvis Juice recently and really liked it. It made me crave hot, sunny days in beer gardens!


Yes I totally agree with where your coming from 😁

I’m always ready for a pale ale so I’m sure I’d like Tribute. Love to try Elvis! Great name. Thanks for the recommendations!

Your very welcome, I certainly
Enjoyed the Elvis, but the Ay Up is absolutely amazing 😁

Great choice!! Ay Up is a class drink and definitely one for a session….

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